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Terminating Employees? Ignoring State And Local Wage Laws Can Cost You

Terminating employees can be a daunting task. Failing to follow your state or local rules when terminating an employee can make the task exponentially more difficult and expensive. When a business plans on firing or laying off an employee (known as “involuntary termination”) it is imperative business owners consult state and local laws prior to…
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Amid Shifting Policies, Employee Handbooks Can’t Be Static Manuals

As we’ve said before, one of the easiest and least expensive tools for businesses to reduce liability and insulate from (at least some) risk, is often the one most frequently overlooked. Creating, promulgating, and most importantly enforcing an employee handbook is a simple and efficient way to communicate company policy and expectations to your employees…
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David A. Sullivan

David A. Sullivan

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Matthew E. Pecoy

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