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Florida State and Clemson vs. the ACC: Is There a Way Out for Both?

Both the Florida and North Carolina courts have now dipped their toes into Florida State University’s (“FSU”) dispute with the Atlantic Coast Conference (“ACC”) over the high exit price the school must pay to leave the conference. As we wrote last December, FSU and the ACC kicked off the holiday season with reciprocal lawsuits concerning…
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Florida State’s Way Out of ACC? Exit Penalties Could Be Ruled Unenforceable

Last summer, we wrote about the Atlantic Coast Conference’s (“ACC”) “ironclad” Grant of Rights agreement being the only document keeping top schools from leaving for either the Big Ten or Southeastern Conference (SEC), conferences that distribute considerably higher revenues to their members. The Grant of Rights had been successful in preventing such exits because of…
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Buyouts of Closely Held Shares: All’s Fair Value in Love and War

Deadlock, majority oppression, or usurpation of corporate opportunities are all well-tread grounds for disputes between co-owners of closely held entities. These disputes often culminate in one shareholder buying out the other as an alternative to dissolution or a freeze-out merger. In such instances, ascertaining the value at which that co-owner’s shares must be purchased can…
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Litigation Financier’s Battle Against Sysco Provides Food for Thought

Cloaked in secrecy, neither the terms of litigation financing agreements nor the attendant scuffles between financier and claimant, are typically aired in public. That changed for about four months of 2023, during which Sysco, a food distributor, and Burford Capital, a multi-billion dollar litigation financing firm, duked it out in federal and state court over…
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Diversity Driven Derivative Suits: Culture Wars Come to the Boardroom

Traditionally deployed to protect a corporation from its board’s imprudent investment or financial decision-making, in recent years shareholders have taken to bringing derivative actions on a corporation’s behalf for its board’s alleged failure to pay more than lip service to the diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”) commitments the company publicly proclaims. Spurred in 2020 in…
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