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Benefits of Rhode Island’s Housing Legislation Go Beyond Housing

In an effort to “fundamentally change [the State’s] approach to housing development, particularly for the moderate and affordable development we need most,” the Rhode Island General Assembly recently passed a slew of legislation intended to “cut through the frustrating red tape that is standing in the way of the development of new housing, moving housing…
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If You Don’t Use It, You May Lose It: Land Development Approvals

Picture this scenario: You have a residential development project that had conceptual approval from the local Planning Board two years ago. Under the local laws that existed when you applied for your approval, you were entitled to 60 market-rate dwelling units. But when you submit your engineering plans for the next phase of approval, you are…
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Building Opportunities in the Bay State

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is addressing the housing crisis in a unique way that may allow certain property owners close to public transit the opportunity to construct multi-family housing where it may not have been previously permitted. The Economic Development Bond Bill of 2021 creates a new Section 3A in the Commonwealth’s Zoning Act, General…
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