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How DOJ’s Safe Harbor Policy Rewards Honesty Within M&A Deals

Be you a merger and acquisition attorney, corporate compliance officer, or counsel to an acquiring entity or target entity, you should review the Department of Justice’s new Merger and Acquisition Safe Harbor Policy (“Policy”) to enhance your law firm’s diligence process, to educate your company’s compliance personnel, and/or to incorporate procedures to report criminal conduct…
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Protect Ya Neck: The Wu-Tang Clan, Independent Contractors and the Potential Expansion of Negligent Hiring Claims

Instead of toiling over a 130-page private placement memorandum as an attorney or reviewing payroll as the head of the family business, imagine for a moment that you are Method Man, the de-facto lyrical leader of the Wu-Tang Clan. You and your Wu brethren have inked a deal with Escobar himself — Nas — to…
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